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What is RSVP?
    But, What Does RSVP Mean?
If RSVP had a dollar for each time someone asked that question, there wouldn’t be any need for federal or state funds in the budget. It’s one of the more common queries and sometimes people are confused by the response.
    At the outset, RSVP was an acronym for ‘Retired & Senior Volunteer Program,’ however, that phrase eventually posed a problem in recruiting since many prospective volunteers weren’t retired and didn’t want to consider themselves seniors. Even though recruiting efforts are directed toward people of all ages, as soon as someone younger than 50 heard the meaning of the acronym…they thought they were ineligible for membership.
    For example, a person called the Newport office last week and left a message inquiring about membership, and several hours later, called back to say that she hadn’t known what RSVP meant when she called the first time, so wanted to withdraw her initial request. In a nutshell, this is exactly why RSVP is trying to follow in the footsteps of organizations like AARP and GEICO, which no longer spell out the meaning of their initials. Incidentally, that lady who called is now a productive RSVP member.
    If one really wanted to know what RSVP means, the answer would be that it means an agency dedicated to furnishing volunteers of all ages to the nonprofit organizations and businesses in our communities. It also means that RSVP sponsors the Teddy Bear and Bone Builders programs, like the one in Island Pond, designed to prevent or slow the onset of osteoporosis in older citizens. RSVP means having volunteers in elementary schools, hospitals, nursing homes, chambers of commerce, libraries and bookmobiles, mealsites, adult education, transportation programs, county law enforcement and court systems. RSVP also means that every two weeks a column entitled, “Volunteer Opportunities” is published in local papers so everyone will know what jobs are available and how to apply for them.
    Last, but certainly not least, RSVP in northeastern Vermont means there’s a headquarters in Barre, and field offices in Berlin, Morrisville, Lyndonville and Newport to serve the public. It means that RSVP is sponsored by the Central Vt. Council on Aging in Barre, and is affiliated with both the Green Mt. and the Lamoille County United Way. RSVP also means the
budget is comprised of federal, state and local city/town funds, given with the knowledge that volunteer work is not only beneficial to individuals, but essential to community betterment.
Why not forget about that age thing and call your local RSVP office? Everyone is most welcome.
--Don Worth

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Guy Isabelle - Director
P.O Box 433
Barre, VT 05641



 RSVP and the Volunteer Center of Central Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom is an invitation to serve.  Sponsored by the Central Vermont Council on Aging it is a national program designed to provide opportunities for persons of any age who continue to remain actively involved in the life of their community.  A member agency of Lamoille County and the Green Mountain United Way the  aim is to develop specific volunteer opportunities that utilize the particular skills and interests of each individual volunteer, at the same time keeping an eye to what needs to get done in the community. Offices in Barre, Lyndonville, Morrisville and Newport .        

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